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IKEA's veggie hot dog

IKEA's veggie hot dog

Veggie hot dog. 100% tasty, 0% meat

Because we always like to go a step further, we have created a new and delicious veggie hot dog for our IKEA Bistro. Yes, yes, vegetarian!

The veggie version of our traditional hot dog is an original recipe with quinoa, lentils, kale, onion and wheat protein.

Because we challenge ourselves to offer you healthy and sustainable food, tasty, innovative and affordable options with which to enjoy, alone or with family, every time you visit us.

Veggie hot dog
Veggie hot dog

With ketchup and spicy sweet mustard


Special veggie hot dog
Special veggie hot dog

With fried onion, red cabbage and spicy sweet mustard

Vegetable ball and chicken meatball

... two big steps towards a healthier and more sustainable nutrition

IKEA has made millions of customers happy with the traditional meatballs. Now we have two new products to help us take a big step towards a wider offer of healthier and more sustainable food: the vegetable ball and the chicken meatball. These two new contributions to the meatball family, not only reduce the carbon footprint and have less calories, but also have an absolutely delicious taste.

Right now, food is in everyone's mind. Social media is filled with delicious recipes and pictures of mouth-watering dishes. Chefs have become the new celebrities; and the cooking shows are more popular than ever. All of this has made us become more conscious of what we eat, and the effect food has in the environment.

With more than 600 millions people visiting the IKEA stores every year, we have a great opportunity to inspire them and offer them delicious food that is produced in a sustainable way, and of course, at an amazing low price... and we are taking advantage of that opportunity.

Veggie balls

148 Kcal. / 100g.

Chicken meatballs

126 Kcal. / 100g.

We'll be waiting for you at your IKEA restaurant!

Did you know?

The carbon footprint that results from the production of vegetable balls is about twenty times lower than the one that results from the production of tradition meatballs. It is a delicious meal that leaves you with a clear conscience.

and did you know that...

...vegetable balls are made with high quality ingredients like green peas, carrots, bell pepper, corn and kale?

A meal full of vitamins and nutrients in the form of delicious vegetable balls.