Social and organic responsibility

We always want to offer you delicious, sustainable and nutritious food at an affordable price. That is why we work closely with our suppliers, carefully selecting each ingredient, making sure that the production processes are responsible with the environment and complying with the most demanding certificates. So you can feel at ease, because our IKEA Restaurant, our Bistro and our Swedish Store offer you food that is always delicious and sustainable.

Animal welfare

We are in favour of the breeding of suitable species, we are concerned that the animals are treated responsibly and we avoid any type of slaughter. For this reason, we do not accept, for example, the fattening or plucking of geese and ducks. In addition, we devise and we apply ethical breeding standards. IKEA is working, closely with Compassion in World Farming, in the field of ethical animal breeding.

High quality chicken

In partnership with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), we have launched our first standard for the welfare of breeding chickens on use. This means that our chickens receive natural light through windows while their racks and snacks are made naturally, as well as spaces with straw to promote foraging. This standard is use and adapted by type of animal and we also give more space to each animal.

No trans fatty acids

Trans fatty acids are used to make dark liquid fats so that food products are crunchy or hard. It is believed that industrial trans fats have a negative impact on health. Therefore, all food in the IKEA brand are free of industrial trans fatty acids.

Organic and sustainable agriculture

We want to support and promote organic farmers to provide our customers with organic food. In organic farming there are NO pesticides or chemical fertilizers used. In addition, organic agriculture sets higher standards on animal breeding. Today, we have 20 organic products available in our IKEA SWEDISH FOOD MARKET, such as jam, coffee, pastries and more. Organic food is also served in our restaurants.

Natural ingredients

At IKEA we develop foods avoiding, as far as possible, the use of artificial additives and preservatives that affect health. Therefore, none of the food from the IKEA brand contains monosodium glutamate (MSG) or azodyes, which can have a negative impact on health.


Herring for consumption and sale at IKEA comes exclusively from sustainable fisheries. This means our herring comes from good actions and is balanced to respect any marine life captures. Only the best fishing methods are used in order to minimize impact upon capture.


IKEA makes along with several companies, government agencies and organizations meetings on Salmon Dialogue WWF, they began in part as an initiative to work a UNIQUE objective; the development of sustainable agriculture of salmon based on standards predetermined by us.

Grains with consciousness

All coffee sold and served at IKEA is UTZ certified, this means that it has been prepared in compliance with growers and protecting the environment.