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Home is where mom is

Mom's love can be found everywhere: there where the aroma of coffee in the morning surrounds you from the start of the day or where you remember those conversations in the kitchen while she prepares a delicious recipe. At IKEA we have some ideas to help you celebrate mom's unconditional love and complete those moments that you can enjoy from any corner of the house, because home is where mom is.

The living room of a million moments

Mom's living room will always be a very special space for her, whether it's to help you with homework or to savor a cup of coffee with her guests... How about completing her living room with ideas so she can treasure those moments even more? We help you with tables, sofas, cabinets, lamps... Just tell us, what is mom's favorite activity in the living room?

The reflection of her love... and her love to find everything the first time!

Mom is a lover of details. And of the organization. Perhaps the detail you need to please her is a mirror where she can pamper herself while relaxing and complement her bedroom. Or maybe it's about completing her space with a mirror with hooks where she can keep everything she needs within reach when in a hurry.

Time to unwind

For those days when all mom needs is to relax and unwind at home, how about pampering her with candles in her favorite fragrance? Go ahead and create her own home spa kit with towels, robes, slippers, candle holders... And choose from the many scents we have for her!


Decorate her home

A great gift for mom? Make her feel even more at home! Pamper her by giving her space a breath of fresh air with all that style that she loves so much. There’s space on the walls for more memories with her loved ones, or maybe for that perfect painting that reflects how much she loves natural spaces. How does mom like to decorate her space? Do you have all the vases, frames, and decorations you need? Time to help her redecorate her home!

Mom loves her hobbies too

It doesn't matter if she's a movie buff or a bibliophile, mom needs space to enjoy her hobbies! And she's more than ready to change the channel from her favorite corner or to finally finish that book and put it back on the shelf. Think of all the corners of the home that mom makes her own with her unique essence, and wish her the best mother's day wherever she is!

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Make your mom's home perfect!

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