Some toy storage ideas

If you have little ones at home, you will already know that one of the main challenges is how to store toys. So, here are some ideas to help you put them away.
We recommend you to follow the a similar method as that of the wardrobe and that, firstly, you do some toy clean-up. You can sit down together and go through each toy to see which ones you can give away.  It will be a way to teach them to organize and share with other children.

Each thing in its place with boxes and organizers

We know that children are restless, specially when they are small. This is why they need to have a play area where they can let their imagination fly and scatter all their toys around freely. This is not something negative, as long as they pick them up once their play time is over. For this, you should help them as much as possible with trunks, boxes or wardrobes just for them.

With our TROFAST modular system you have many options in different sizes and colors to adapt toy storage (or any other object) to any space.


A furniture series designed for children

Choose a rest and storage system that grows up with your child. The SMÅSTAD system, the new detachable modules that ease storage and are more accessible, also for the little ones in the house. This way, it will be easier and more fun to choose what clothes to wear each day.

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