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Let's have fun, entertaining time with the kids
without leaving home

There are always moments for leisure and fun for children at home. Here are some simple activities for them to learn and enjoy their unlimited imagination. Discover the MÅLA series, the queen of creativity, which offers everything from markers to an easel for future art geniuses. Take note and get all the material you need!


Setting up the activity area: imagination is the starting point

The first task is to prepare the area where the activities will take place. The ideal is to set up a comfortable space, whether it's a desk or the dining table, and why not on a KOLON floor protector? It's all a matter of imagination! The organization of the space is essential to keep the utensils tidy and in their place: this will make it easier to find everything the first time!

A manual photocopier: the stencil tracing game

Dried leaves, a hand or even toys are some of the fun stencils that they can easily find without leaving home thanks to their imagination. Then they will love to trace them on MÅLA drawing paper and paint them with markers, watercolors or colored pencils.... The result is very original! You can also cut out some drawings or silhouettes from magazines as a pattern.

Blue and yellow becomes green, it's not magic!

Kids love magic, and mixing colors to get other colors can make them feel like magicians for a day. Get yourself a set of MÅLA paints or watercolors, and a set of MÅLA brushes with easy-to-handle, easy-to-clean handles. And because at IKEA we care about the health of the future artists, all items in the MÅLA series are non-toxic. And remember: creativity relaxes and heps to focus, ideal after a long day of school and activities.

Their little hands can materialize all the creativity in the world

Let their imagination flow through their hands by molding clay figurines. From an alien with an English bowler hat, to a car with blue wheels... all the creativity in the world thanks to the MÅLA series modeling clay. Let's get to work!

Learning by playing every day, so much fun!

Brushes, stencils, drawing paper, chalk, markers, a blackboard... a world of fantasy and creativity awaits you at IKEA. Don't miss it!


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