All the organization that your children need in that very special space, theirs, with very functional furniture that completely adapts to them in each stage. STUVA grows with them!

STUVA is the ideal storage system for your children. Its design avoids angles, it has rounded corners and an integrated handle with blunt edges. Having your dream STUVA furniture is very easy.

Wardrobe and shelf combination

Storage combination

Storage combination with drawers

Bench with drawer


STUVA is ideal to help children access all their stuff and store it easily. It's the most functional storage solution with doors and drawers, clothes wardrobe, bench for toys, interior accessories and everything you need to organize their stuff.

The FÖLJA series combines with the STUVA frames, that are sold separately. All parts include a sheet with fun round stickers (2 blue, 2 orange, 2 green, 2 yellow and 2 pink).

The base of STUVA cots can be assembled on two different heights. They cover 3 growing stages, so your baby doesn't have to change bed until 3 years old. Also, one of the sides can be removed when your children start going in and out by themselves. If the side is removed, it must be completed with a VIKARE guard rail.
Drawer front
Guard rail


STUVA changing table grows with the child and turns into a play table where to have fun with toys or crafts. Also, by lowering the top part, your child will have a practical desk where to do the homework comfortably.

We have expanded the STUVA series with a high bed with desk and storage function, to offer your child something more than just a place to sleep. A corner to play in, relax, do the homework and store toys, clothes and their more precious objects. All in one, STUVA offers a world of possibilities, choose the one that suits them best!

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