This day is going to be more special than ever. Because we are going to spend it at home, together. We have prepared a selection of plans, ideas and gifts to make mom feel better than ever. She deserves it more than anyone!

Give her a breakfast in bed

If the children are old enough, they can make breakfast for mom. Or you can do it as a team. Chop and cut healthy ingredients such as fresh fruits, berries and nuts will turn a simple yogurt and granola breakfast into something special.

Instead of serving it in a bowl, try filling a jar so it feels like opening a small present. Add the yogurt first. Then, the granola and some additional dressing. Some honey will make it look delicious and will keep ingredients crunchy.

Have fun preparing uncomplicated dishes: place everything on a tray table that can be taken from the kitchen to the bed. Add some bright details such as flowers or plant stems to make her smile.

A gift handmade with love

Sometimes, the most simple gift is the one that excites the most. To make this one you just need a plain plant pot and some paint or a marker. Write a beautiful message on the pot, something like "For the best mom in the world". She will love the combination of a beautiful plant and a customized pot. And if you think she does not have green fingers, at IKEA you will find artificial plants that will always look perfect.


A session of self care and relaxation

Some may think the best gifts are the most expensive ones... We do not share this philosophy. We believe in what is made with care, from the heart. This is why we suggest that you create a corner as special as this one. With simple details that will surprise her: a fresh flower arrangement or a rose bouquet, a small gift, her favorite drink. This about what makes her happy, let mom just relax!

  • Candles: they help us create a warmer and more romantic mood. You can place them around the bathtub or over the washbasin, but be always careful and keep them away from textiles. Go for scented candles if you want that "extra" touch.

  • A citrus bath: go a step further from the typical bubble bath, we can also use other oils or even something more simple, citrus. Slice some orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit and place them inside the water! It looks amazing and smells wonderfully.

  • Music: press "play" and play some relaxing music or her favorite band... something that makes you feel good and enjoy that spacial day.


An outdoor picnic

Prepare some food, her favorite drink and leave the daily routine behind. At the beach, the mountain or the garden, give mom a fun day outside the box and outdoor. At IKEA you will find everything you need to get the picnic she deserves ready, jars with lid that preserve fresh food, bags to move them around and, of course, blankets, towels, candles and all the accessories you need to enjoy a perfect day.

IKEA style gifts for Mother’s Day

For the home decor lovers

If your mum loves decoration and she always keeps up with the latest trends, IKEA is the place to find a gift for her. Scented candles, decorative pictures o wall clocks. She will love any of our decorative items.

For the cooking enthusiasts

If your mum loves cooking and comes up with new and delicious recipes every week, any cooking accessory will help her food be even better. You can also become her kitchen helper. Twice as tasty!

For the aesthetic ones

If your mom sees beauty in the details, takes care of the looks or pampers herself every day, you will surely find the perfect gift for her at IKEA. Bamboo bowls, mirrors or small and functional boxes to organize her makeup, for example.

For the outdoorsy

If your mom cannot wait for spring to arrive to enjoy the outdoors, if she loves plants and dreams about having her own greenhouse at home, you will find the perfect gift for her at IKEA.

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