IKEA has teamed up with the World Surf League to create a collection that embracesthe surfer’s mindset, whether you ride waves or not. Made of renewable and recycled materials, KÅSEBERGA collection addresses our planet’s global challenges, while supporting a sustainable everyday life — in and around water.


“The IKEA design approach plus Rob and Kassia’s vast experience in living as surfers make for a collection that is not only sustainable, but also functional.“

Wiebke Braasch

IKEA designer


Function meets style on the beach

Inspired by our iconic blue bag, KÅSEBERGA bag takes functionality to a new level. With additional inserts, a space for wet items and a double bottom that lets you change standing in the bag, it helps beach life run smoother. Match it with a bath poncho in the same style to stay warm on the beach.


Stay healthy and planet-conscious

Water is vital to health, but plastic bottles ruin our climate. That’s why we created KÅSEBERGA water bottle in stainless steel. It holds 1 litre, is simple to carry and has a shape that makes it easy to grip and drink from. Complement a healthy lifestyle with KÅSEBERGA yoga mat in pure natural materials.

The design collaboration

Together with former pro surfers Rob Machado, Kassia Meador and 3500 other surfers, IKEA has created a collection of products that sees to the everyday needs of surfers and ocean lovers, as well as the global challenges of our planet.


Made for surfing and training

While most of the products in the collection are made for everyone, a few were designed specifically for surfers. KÅSEBERGA handplane allows you to glide on the water with just your body, while KÅSEBERGA balance board lets you train balance and coordination and strengthen your muscles.

“KÅSEBERGA bag contains recycled polyester from oceanbound plastic. We hope it inspires people to pick up litter. Our planet needs help from all of us.”

Kassia Meador and Wiebke Braasch



A feeling of the ocean at home

Daydream about lazy days on the beach with KÅSEBERGA coffee table made in bamboo shaped in the style of a Hawaiian surfboard, a rug with a palm-inspired print and a carafe and glass coloured in the blue gradients of the ocean.


For barbecues on the beach

Create memorable moments by barbecuing with family and friends on the beach. KÅSEBERGA portable charcoal barbecue is lightweight and has a carrying handle so easy to take with you. Combine it with the sustainable KÅSEBERGA cool basket that’s made of bamboo and a cotton inside with a zip to keep food fresh.

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