We love to spend time at home, but sometimes we have to prepare and get out. In order that you and your family feel at home even when you are not, at IKEA we have prepared a selection of items as practical as they are cute. From vacuum flasks to bags, backpacks, tuppers or pots with lids so  you're moments away from home are also perfect


Homemade food everywhere

At IKEA you will find a great selection of pots with lids that will help you keep your homemade food also when you're out. Choose different materials like glass, plastic without Bisfenol A or bamboo, choose the size that adapts to your needs and save time and money cooking for all week and carrying it to work or to a picnic.

Preserve and move food

Prepare your food at home and take it with you wherever you go thanks to solutions designed to keep your food fresh, cold or hot for much longer. Isothermal coolers, steel thermos flasks, food bags and a lot of solutions that will help you eat well even when you are away from home.

To carry the house on your back

There's no better gift for a travel lover than a toiletry bag, a backpack or a practical suitcase. With IKEA's travel essentials, you can move freely around the world without giving up the comfort of your own home.

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Mug and mug holder, black


IKEA 365+
Food container with lid, rectangular/glass plastic


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IKEA 365+
Food container with lid, rectangular glass/plastic


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IKEA 365+
Food container with lid, square/glass

RD$449 / 3 pack

Insulated steel flask, 14 oz, black


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Clothes bag, set of 3, check pattern/gray black


IKEA 365+
Food container with lid, round glass/plastic




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Bag, natural



Side table, ash veneer