Fulfill Dad's wishes with a gift as special as him! At IKEA you'll find your allies to give a unique touch to that space at home that dad enjoys so much. Discover here a series of ideas to surprise him in his special day!

Dad, your favorite chef

Making dinner at his own pace while listening to his fun stories… at IKEA we know that the best memories of dad in the kitchen are also the simplest. Small details become big. At your IKEA store you will find, knives, cutting boards, dinnerwares and everything you need to enjoy cooking by his side.


For super-tech dads

If he likes playing around with wires and devices with flashing lights, he will love how music plays after installing a speaker… Let’s face it: dad is such a super-tech. At IKEA we offer you a world of technology specially designed for him… And everything for a smart home! With him ;)

Exploring the world with dad

Dad takes us hiking in the countryside, he prepares a delicious picnic and takes care to stoke the campfire. Now and forever. Because there is a wonderful explorer and creator of endless adventures everywhere.

Dad's corner

After a long day, there's nothing better than lying on the sofa and watch a movie with dad in his favorite corner, or even enjoy a good reading time together. Find the sofas, armchairs, blankets and rugs that will make of that wish, his great expectation.

Dad is an artist!

Art is within us...so it is not easy to frame all the art that dad makes… but you can do it with some of his pieces of art or photographs. At IKEA you will find decorative pictures and frames of different sizes, colors and shapes, to show off what an artist he is.


Dad's workshop

Maybe Dad is a real handyman, or maybe he just likes to have his tools at his fingertips. Either way, the drills, screws, dowels and other accessories in the FIXA series are perfect for him to get down to work whenever he wants.

For dad's office

Reports, projects and lots, lots of work. Maybe helping dad with his everyday work is not an easy task, but being together and comfortable in his office makes everything less complicated. GIge him everything he needs to create the best workspace.

At IKEA we have a looot more inspiration for you

Decoration ideas

A lot of ideas, tricks and inspiration to make your life more beautiful.

Do you need extra help?

If you need help to finance your dreams, or if you just need a helping hand for assembling it.

Parcel Delivery

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Delivery service

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